Moving Tips

April 2016

Items You Should Always Pack Last

Packing and unpacking is usually done out of order by cramming things together without much consideration for what goes where. By now if you’ve been following our blog, you’d know that there are certain things you can do in order to make the entire process easier. Keeping an inventory list, sorting things and proper packing using our boxes are crucial steps, but there are certain items that you better leave unpacked or pack last, separately from the others.

We will start with the obvious – toiletries. Your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shampoo and such will be needed immediately after the move, so having them packed in a box will just slow you down and probably drive you crazy. So set them aside, have a toiletry bag of sorts and just put them in your car after everything else is loaded.

Medicine is also one of the items you need to consider not packing at all – it is better to have a medicine kit with you (maybe another toiletry bag filled with aspirin, ibuprofen and others) and a separate first aid kit, just to be on the safe side of things. Of course, this step includes all your other medication as well as prescription glasses, lenses and so on. These are things that you want in your immediate vicinity.

Now in relation to unpacking, you’d need some supplies to do the whole process easily at your new home. Have a pair of gloves, a box cutter, scissors and the like ready for when you start unpacking. In our line of work we have seen quite amusing situations when our clients packed their unpacking tools and had some “fun” time unpacking.

Along with your unpacking tools, you are better off just having all of your tools near you, because there will always be a need hammer and/or a screwdriver. Say you need to disassemble furniture if it is too big to fit through a doorframe or something, or you want to quickly put your pictures on the wall in order to not deal with them later – all of this will be possible if you have a set of tools nearby and not stashed away somewhere.

Of course, you may be good with packing some food (for you and your pets), plastic utensils, plates and so on, just in case you don’t want to deal with unboxing and using plates right away. In any case, whatever you see fit can always be packed last and you should at least label a box with something like “OPEN FIRST”, just to know that these are items you will probably need right away.

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