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September 2018

Is It Hard To Save For A House?

Everybody knows the American dream – study, find a good job, make a career out of it, buy a nice car, get a nice house, meanwhile build a family and enjoy life. Rather simple, yet for anyone who has ever tried it, this is not that easy at all.

With more and more people struggling to get out of debt even after school, and with others considering never buying a home, you may be wondering how hard it can be. Well, here are the cold facts – before you rent moving boxes to fill for moving into your newly bought house, you will first need to save up some hard cash.

Yes, even if you have a nice steady job and the bank agrees to loan you money, there will still be a down payment, which you will most likely need to provide. We may be talking about more than $20,000 in some cases. Yet if you do not have that money stashed somewhere and you are like most people – you will need to save up. But don’t worry, we have some tips for that.

Review Your Monthly Charges

Did you know that most people have monthly fees they pay, which are entirely avoidable? Your gym may be charging you on a monthly basis without you even knowing it. And when was the last time you visit the gym? Even if you go regularly, for a lot of people it makes more sense to pay per visit than buy a membership.

The same applies to cable. If you are watching much more Netflix than cable, maybe you do not need that subscription after all. Or you may be paying for way too big of a phone package, which you don’t even use up. Look into options where you can cut down these expenses and use the difference to save up for a down payment.

Saving Up Can Be Fun

Instead of looking at saving up as a way of restricting yourself, you can take it as a challenge. Have fun saving by setting a goal and treat every dollar saved as a small step towards it. That way you will feel the dopamine release of working on a project and it will feel like quite the achievement.

Still, you should know one simple thing – saving up is not about cutting down the things you love. It is about getting rid of the things that cost you money, but aren’t even that fun to begin with. Think about the 80-20 principle – 20% of the money you spend bring you 80% of the joy you have from spending. Use the remaining money wisely so you can enjoy more things while paying less for them.


No, saving up is not easy, but it is manageable. You just have to discipline yourself and get rid of the spending mindset. Sadly, here in the US we are big on spending, but saving up in general, not even for a home actually, can be quite the fun thing to do and is definitely beneficial to learn.

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