Moving Tips

March 2016

Inventory – Your Items’ Best Friend

Moving is no one’s favorite, and we are pretty sure it maybe many people’s worst time when it comes to home-related stuff. Sure, some people find the whole ordeal fun, but for the most of us out there moving is a stressful part of life. Probably the most stressful experience is when you actually expect that something will get lost in the process. We all know that gnawing feeling that something is just missing, even if nothing is. Funny thing, we would actually be way calmer if we just knew that something wasn’t there for sure, rather than just expecting it.

However, there is one way to make certain (or at least to be sure enough) that nothing will go missing and everything will go according to plan. We have already brushed on this subject in our previous blog posts, but we will elaborate some more on the whole idea of keeping an inventory list and labeling your boxes.

For starters, if you have the time sort everything and start writing down what you will move. Many people find that this is a bit difficult, because it takes a nice chunk of time to go through everything you will have to move and write it down. You will find it a bit easier though when you later have to pack stuff together, because everything will be sorted and just put into boxes. If you find that you won’t have the time, you can just start putting things that should go together in boxes and write them down as you do. For example, you can go on and write on the side of the box and on a separate list, so you will know where everything is. Now as a bonus tip – having a list of all your possessions is pretty good not only when moving, but for insurance claims if something happens. Having a copy of such a document is a pretty good thing.

Now, you may not have the time to sort everything, but you should come up with a system of packing. Say you pack everything from the kitchen first, or all the smaller items together with no regards to rooms (although this is a bit inconvenient), maybe you pack together all the things that are in cabinets and cupboards and label them with the respective cupboard they come from. Doing this will help you imagine where everything should be in your new home. If the kitchen resembles your old home, you will know that certain items were in a cupboard together, so for your convenience they can be put together again.

After you finish making an inventory list, start packing and label your boxes with visible, large letters or numbers. On the side each box you can put the list with everything that is contained in that box. It is optional, but it will help you and the movers you’ve hired.

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