Moving Tips

January 2017

How To Pack Your Valuables

If you have moved ever in your life (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?) then you know one of the biggest peeves is trying to pack everything efficiently. Some people completely give up on that though and just cram everything however they can, just so they can save a little bit of time, effort and a lot of stress. However, if you don’t plan your packing correctly, this can backfire and you may actually end up more stressed.

But while we may not be concerned about most of our items, such as clothes, bed sheets and whatnot, we actually care quite a lot about our valuables. And that’s expected, because after all they are pretty valuable. Even if you don’t care for anything else, you’d want to keep these safe. Here is how to do that during your next move.

Make A List

Write down anything that is of value to you and keep that list close. If possible, it should be on your person at all times. When you start packing, make sure you write down where everything is and if you have a single bag for all your expensive stuff, place a checkmark after you’ve confirmed the item is in the bag.

Another thing people do is to take a picture of every valuable item just in case. If it gets lost, at least you can show what you are looking for to whomever is responsible for the search.

Consider Insurance

At the end of the day, do you mind spending a little to have a peace of mind? Insuring your valuables is actually pretty common for a move and many agencies will give you fair prices that won’t break the bank. Just don’t take a bit against bad luck, because you may regret it later, but regret doesn’t pay for missing or broken things.

In addition to that, you should probably ask your movers if they provide some sort of insurance in their fees. Some do, others don’t, so always check up with them, in order to not be scammed.

About That Guitar

If you are a musician and your instrument can be carried, there is no other option – carry it with you. This is by far the safest thing you can do for it, as you are probably the only one who knows how to treat it properly. Sadly, instruments like pianos cannot be carried by you, so you need to find e reputable company for it. Don’t depend on some company that responds to the question “Are specialized in moving a piano?” with “Yeah, sure, how hard can it be.”


Now you know how to safely store your valuables away for your move. If you are just planning how to pack, don’t worry. For all your packing needs you can trust H2H Box to provide you with high quality packing materials and rental boxes.

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