Moving Tips

January 2019

How To Pack Fragile Items

Imagine the situation – you are about to move, everything is set, you just need to get packing, and then you realize you have a bunch of fragile items that you have no idea how to pack. These can really be anything – from your favorite vase you bought on a trip a couple of years ago, to your precious china set that your grandma gave you for your wedding.

Of course, people have come up with plenty of creative solutions throughout the years. Sadly, a lot of them do not work that well, when you try them in practice. Which is bad, because you do not want to try them in practice if they do not really work, right?

So what can you do now? If you do not want to get stuck in a similar situation, the solution is not that difficult. We have some tips on how to pack these items. That way you will make sure that they arrive safe and sound to their new destination. Let’s get going!

Start With The Basics – Pick Your Boxes Correctly!

Before you even attempt anything else, you should get this clear right from the start. You cannot put fragile items in random cardboard boxes you got from the local grocery or liquor store. They are just not sturdy enough to offer any significant protection.

What you would want instead is to rent moving boxes that are specifically designed for this kind of things. We can offer you some different options, which are affordable and will do an amazing job at keeping your items safe from breaking. But that is not all!

You Need Supplies!

You cannot just stuff fragile items in a box and call it a day. Even the best box won’t be able to cushion your items once you place them inside. For that you will need, well, cushioning. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Look into buying some bubble wrap, which can act not only as a packing supply, but also as a cushioning one. You don’t need to wrap every single item in it (although it would help), because that would take quite a lot of space. Instead you should consider using it as padding.

That being said, bubble wrap is not the only thing that can help you here. Some people have successfully used their towels, bedsheets, and even clothes. However, if you are not 100% sure in what you are doing, we would advise against such DIY practices.

Learn How To Stack and Pack!

The last tip has nothing to do with what you need to buy and more to do with what you need to learn. For example, you do not want to stack plates one on top of another. That is a recipe for disaster. Should you drop the box even slightly, you risk breaking a bunch of plates that way (if not all). Even a harder bump along the road can have a similar effect.

We cannot really go into too much detail on packing skills here, so you need to do your further research. But at least you know what you need now!

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