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July 2018

How To Make Your Home (Seemingly) Bigger

Getting to a new place is stressful, but also exciting. You get to explore a whole new area and to do your best to make it truly yours. These moments are awesome as they play a lot to your imagination. You feel like you have endless possibilities and you can do whatever you want. But with time that potential seems to go away. Your new home feels more like a cell, getting smaller and smaller. But before you go ahead and rent moving boxes, check our tips on how you can make your home appear bigger.

First Things First

The truth is that you really cannot do much to expand the space you have. However, you can do quite a lot to make the most out of it. This is either done by making it look spacious, or by freeing it up with some ingenious ideas.

Here is the obvious first step – declutter. You have a lot of items around your house, but this is not the time for them. Go ahead and take care of them right now. Figure out what you actually need and what just takes up space. We know it can be difficult to give certain things up, but it is for your own benefit. Don’t be afraid to do it!

When you go through with decluttering you might realize that you indeed have quite a lot of space to work with, depending on how hard you were with throwing things out. However, it doesn’t end here. We have a couple of tricks left to make your home seem even bigger!

The Dreadful Color Theory

Are you familiar with color theory? Probably not! If you are not a design or art major, you may have no idea what that is. Well, you don’t have to know a lot in order to reap its benefits. Here is what you need to know – darker colors suck out the light in your home, while lighter nuances reflect it.

This can be used to achieve quite a nice effect. Because the brighter a room is, the larger it will appear. And while modern design focuses quite a lot on darker shades, try to go the opposite direction. Look at some minimalist homes to get some inspiration!

Your Furniture Matters

Most people have a very interesting relationship with their furniture – they buy it and then get used to it in a couple of days. After that they forget about it. What is the problem with that? It’s simple – you have just made a bad decision.

Think about it – how do you buy furniture? You want it to be soft, comfortable and look good, right? Which is why you go for bigger sofas, chairs and tables. But are they more functional? Are they really more comfortable, or do they just look the part?

You will be much better off with smaller pieces of furniture, which are still comfortable, but don’t get rid of function to boost form. So what do you say, will go with such items?

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