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September 2018

House vs Apartment – A Tough Decision

Here is a tough thing to sort out – should you choose to live in an apartment with other people around you, or in house, where your neighbors will be a good distance away from you? While you may think that this choice is rather made by circumstances, you may actually be wrong.

The truth is that a lot of people are wondering what to do about it each day. The thing is that the choice really doesn’t come down to the pros and cons of each living space, but rather to what they signify. If you pick the apartment, that usually means you pick the city. You will be living right there where all the life is. Picking a house would mean that you would detach yourself a little bit. You’d have to go to the suburbs, or even one step further – to a small town, where housing is cheaper and everything is calmer.

People do consider these things nowadays. A lot of us are working at jobs, which can easily be handled remotely. Or you can switch working places easily. That mobility allows many of us to dream of having a different living space. One that may be a bit more detached – or alternatively, one that will allow us to be a bit more involved.

But before you go to fill your plastic packing boxes, you will have to consider the pros and cons of each option. Let’s do that together so that you can decide which you should pick after all.

Why Apartments Are A Good Choice

Living in the city has many benefits. Sure, the life is more fast-paced and noisy, but if you truly want to experience the culture, the city is where you need to be. Not to mention that building a career really doesn’t leave you with much options. Later in life, when you can afford a house in the suburbs, you may decide that the apartment can be ditched, but maybe you cannot make that decision right now.

Plus, there are perks to living in an apartment – being a home owner is not always the best thing that people make it out to be. Paying your rent and not worrying about maintenance is great. It is one less thing to stress about.

But What About Houses?

If you can currently afford a house, and already have built up a career and connections, than maybe switching from an apartment to a home is a good choice. However, be aware that it is not cheap and there are many underlying costs that people rarely talk about.

Still, you may decide to move outside the city altogether. There are many smaller towns, which can accommodate you, or you can even pick a different state, where life runs at a slower pace. Depending on your goals, a house can really be a great choice for you.

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