Moving Tips

April 2017

Help Your Kids Cope With Moving

It is amazing how much children understand the world around us. They may be little, but they are capable of feeling just as real as ours. We have forgotten that as kids some situations were more stressful than adults thought. And now we are acting the same way.

Today we will present you with some ideas on how to help your kids cope with moving, so you don’t end up with two uncontrollable situations on your hand – a moving ordeal and kids gone emotionally ballistic.

#1 Your Kids Should Know

Don’t surprise your kids with the move. They won’t take it well 9 times out of 10. It’s better to tell them right from the start. That is right when you start thinking about moving.

Ask them what they think about it, if they can manage it and so on. Including them in the thought process is one of the best ways to let them take it in more easily.

And even if they seem put off by the idea in the beginning, give them some time. After they’ve sat on it for a couple of days, they will accept it all on their own.

#2 Give Them Something To Do

But not just anything. When the move approaches and you are about to pack, invite them to do it with you. Ask them to pass you some stuff. If they are older, you can ask them to write down inventory lists with you.

Allowing them to take part in the moving process will help them find closure and leave everything behind, much like a chapter of a book. They may look back, but they’d know it something in the past.

#3 Acknowledge Their Feelings

Don’t think that just because they are kids, their emotions are not valid. Too many parents think that children are overly emotional and they get over tough situations much easier. That’s not the case. Being a child is a challenge, even if it seems so easy to an adult.

Psychologically we can go much deeper. But understand that there are many factor that affect child development and distress is definitely a negative one. Not to mention that statistically moving is among the top 3 most stressful events in a child’s life, where some studies report it is even more challenging to deal with than a divorce in the family.

#4 Tell Them How They Can Keep In Touch

You may think that childhood friends don’t last a lifetime, but your kids don’t know that yet. And they don’t need to learn that lesson when they have to deal with another stressful event. So just reassure them that moving doesn’t mean the end of a friendship.

Modern technology has allowed us to connect with each other well beyond physical limitations. So even if you don’t allow your child to use technology extensively, you can assure them that you will help them keep in touch with their friends.


Kids may be young, but they are humans just the same. Take care of their emotions and feelings. And remember that if you ever need help with packing supplies and boxes, we from H2H Box are always there for you.

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