Moving Tips

December 2017

How Hard Can It Be: Packing Clothes

Folks, this week we have decided to do something different. We will start a series of articles on the idea of how hard a thing can be. Should be fun, right? Today we are talking about an aspect of packing – a much beloved topic of ours.

While most people won’t say they are master packers, a lot of them won’t say they suck at it either. But the truth is simple – packing is one heck of a stressful experience. We know it, you know it, so let’s go from there. Firstly, what is the thing that is most difficult to pack? Most of you won’t say clothes. Secondly, how do you actually judge something like that? Perhaps you just play it in your head and assume that it’s easy.

Indeed, when most people picture packing their clothes, they don’t associate that with a hard task. Because you’ve organized clothes your entire life. Your wardrobe is neat and tidy, everything is folded the right way to take the least amount of space possible. Well, newsflash! Packing your clothes doesn’t have much with organizing a wardrobe.

Why Clothes Need Special Consideration When Packed

Do you know why your wardrobe looks so amazing? Aside from the fact that you have organized it and all that? Because you simply don’t wear half the clothes you have. Let me ask you a question – when was the last time you wore something from the bottom shelf of your wardrobe. What about the BOTTOM of the BOTTOM shelf?

You get the point – we just have too many clothes. Americans have quite the problem with buying stuff we don’t use, and clothing doesn’t get a pass here either. We often buy things we wear once or twice and then put somewhere never to see the light of day again.

But if you are moving, do you actually want to pack these? Sure, sure, you may wear them again… when? In 2 years? In 5? Just come to terms with the fact that you’ve spent some money you won’t get back and give your unused clothes away. Donate them to charity. That way your money won’t be wasted – you will have actually contributed to society!

Is There Something Else Special About Packing Clothes?

Do you have a wedding dress stashed in your wardrobe? What about a fancy suit? Maybe a nice evening dress? Whatever it may be, we all have some pieces of clothing that are just valuable. These cannot be simply folded and stuffed into a box.

That is why you should rent moving boxes, which are actually designed for that kind of stuff. There are wardrobe boxes, which actually serve as a portable wardrobe. Your delicate and expensive clothes won’t get damaged, and you will have peace of mind. Isn’t that great?

So remember – next time you have to move, figure out what doesn’t have to move with you and how you can actually save yourself tears over spilled milk (or torn clothes, or something like that).

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