Moving Tips

January 2018

How Hard Can It Be: Packing Clothes

How many times have you moved during your conscious years? And how many times have you actually taken care of the packing? And what about packing clothes?

Surprisingly enough, most young people have no idea how to go through packing efficiently and they often underestimate how much work it goes into doing it properly. Even people with some experience behind them have no actual idea how to be good at packing, although they may have done it several times.

Today we are going to introduce you to some basic clothes-packing tips, which will help you not make a mess out of your move the next time around.

#1: Get Yourself Some Boxes

Of course, that’s the first thing we mention. Because it’s the first thing that matters. Now, clothes are not fragile, they won’t break and moving them likely won’t tear them to shreds (although we are sure someone has managed to do that at some point). But that doesn’t mean that all clothes are created equal.

If you care about what you wear, you should care about where you pack it as well. For example, a nice dress or a suit don’t belong in a box. Not folded in half and stacked with other items on top, at the very least.

So what can you do about them? Well, get them a wardrobe box! That’s right, that thing exists and you can be sure it’s useful. Now, to treat your boxes well, you may also want to consider a plastic box rental service, but that’s your decision. Cardboard is fine if you won’t be stacking tons of boxes together.

#2: Be Careful With What You Pack

Go to your closet right now and we bet you can find at least 3 pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in at least a year. Do you know what you should do with these? Yep, get rid of them! Donate them, gift them (maybe even throw them away if they are a part of a fashion choice that no one is going to make ever again).

You know one of our core beliefs – don’t move with you unnecessary items. So stick to it, and you are going to go far.

#3: Use Up Your Packing Space

Clothes, as you may know, take quite some space if you don’t press them together. So that’s what you should do! Have you heard of vacuum-seal packs? Buy them and use them. Clothes will fit perfectly there and you will save enormous amounts of space. Of course, maybe don’t do that with all our clothes, but things like t-shirts, jeans and other casual apparel are a great thing to pack there.


So yes, packing clothes is not something that is extremely hard, but it still takes some consideration. Don’t underestimate and don’t think lightly of it.

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