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January 2018

How Hard Can It Be: New Year Moving Resolution

The new year is here! Now, we haven’t addressed this in our previous entry to the blog, but still – Happy New Year! We from H2H Box wish you to have a great year, full of positive emotions and success.

If we know one thing, that would be the fact that every time the year goes by we, people, just want change. We like our new year’s resolutions, we like reminiscing and hoping to be better. But most people don’t really go through with that. Why? Because we don’t have a plan, we just wish things to be better. Which is why most new year moves often end up a disaster!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are approaching a move this year. These are not some unheard tips, but they are worthy of being reiterated time and time again. So let’s begin!

#1 Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

We understand that we do preach a lot about that (after all, it’s in our company’s name), but that’s because it is so important! Really, if you want just one great piece of advice, it should be this – don’t underestimate he kind of boxes you choose for your move. If you don’t want to end up with a mess of broken items, you should pick up a box that can handle some roughness. A great option is to resort to plastic box rental services. They can provide you with boxes to use for a given period of time, after which you don’t have to worry about storing them and so on.

#2 Make Sure Your Friends Follow Through

For better or worse we live in a society where promises don’t really mean much. So when a friend tells you they are going to help you with your move, make sure they mean it. Otherwise, you’d be wasting your time and your efforts may be completely in vain.

If you depend on a friend for your move, then talk to them and make sure that they know exactly when they have to be there for you. Be specific, and don’t be afraid to remind them of what they actually need to do!

#3 Hire A Moving Company That Is Worth Its Salt

The times are tough for most people, so it is completely understandable when you want to save some money when you are looking for services to purchase. But sometimes (quite often actually) the cheaper alternative turns out to be more expensive.

So when you are on the lookout for professional companies, make sure that you indeed hire a reputable one, and not some inexperienced movers with their dad’s truck. We know that’s a bit cynical, but it is often the case with new people on the market.


Moving doesn’t have to be hard, but it is not easy per se. Be prepared, educated and motivated. That is what we can tell you as a generally great piece of advice!

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