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February 2018

How Hard Can It Be: Moving Furniture

Are you thinking about moving out of your place? Do you want to save some money doing it? Well, then the best approach is to do it all by yourself, right? Or call a couple of friends, rent a truck and have a go at it. That’s what most people think, when they consider saving money on their move. But the truth is not that simple.

The “How Hard Can It Be” series deal exactly with that problem – how hard is it to go about your move by yourself. And how hard certain aspects of it are. Truthfully? It turns out they are a lot more difficult that people imagine, and even simple concepts are hard to implement.

Take moving furniture for example. The simple concept – pick it up, move it. So easy, right? Well, no, if you consider everything else. Firstly, do you know how to lift heavy stuff properly? Most people don’t and that can lead to an injury. Quite a bad one at that. Secondly, do you think all pieces of furniture are super easy to move around? Some cannot even be gripped comfortably. So today we will give you some tips on how to go ahead and move your furniture the right way!

Find An Assembly/Disassembly Manual

The best approach is not to discover how to disassemble large and heavy furniture. Somebody has probably figured that out already. So go online and look for the manual. Or find it around your home. Especially when it is something like furniture from IKEA, you won’t have much trouble.

But also be able to judge what cannot be disassembled at all. A lot of hardwood furniture are glued together or riveted, so you won’t be able to disassemble these. Furthermore, you will have to figure out how to protect them properly and load them on a truck.

Get Proper Boxes

When you are disassembling furniture, a lot of the pieces can go missing if you don’t have a dedicated place for them. So get yourself some moving boxes, or rent plastic moving boxes to secure these kinds of items. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can keep track of everything. You can’t! Get yourself f

Protect Your Floors and Doors

When you are moving you have to carefully consider not only protecting your furniture but also protecting the place you are leaving. Big furniture can scratch floors, and even ruin doorframes. So use things like heavier blankets, bubble wrap and protection tape to secure your floors and doorframes.

Get More Friends

A couple of people may not be enough to conduct a proper DIY move, especially since none of you will probably be very experienced. So the best approach is to get at least three or four friends and have a go at the move. Remember to treat them to a nice lunch or dinner afterwards! It is always good to be thankful.

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