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January 2018

How Hard Can It Be: Moving Electronics!

While it may be the dream of most people to not have to worry about scheduling moves, packing things and so on, it is a thing of life – moving just happens. And we are naturally tempted to go at it by ourselves, without any professional help. If this is you, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our “How Hard Can It Be” series.

Today we are tackling a popular issue – how do you actually move your electronic appliances, if you have absolutely no experience in actual relocation. Well, it is not as straightforward as you think, so let’s get to the advice!

Packing Before Moving

While you may be asking how to move these things, what you actually want to know is how to pack them safely. Because that is what matters. Moving is easy – load the things on a truck and you are done. But packing – now, that’s the issue.

Depending on the size of the electronics we are talking about, the thing that we suggest is for you to get high quality moving boxes. But these can be expensive if you go out and buy them. Plus you will have no idea where to store them after that. So what you can do instead is to rent plastic boxes from a reputable company such as H2H Box!

Another thing you can do is to find the original boxes your electronics came in. That is important for your TV or monitor, since these have the highest probability of getting damage during a move. If you cannot find them, proceed to the next section of our article!

Put Your Blanks And Sheets To Good Use

Appliances with huge screens need to be protected properly, but this isn’t done with bubble or stretch wrap. Well, not initially anyway. First you’d have to protect such items using soft things that won’t scratch the screen. Heavier blankets and thick bedsheets may not be ideal, so try to go with the softest thing possible. Silk may work well, if you have any, but still, be careful. After you’ve used a blanket or a sheet to protect the device, use bubble wrap to give it some cushioning.

Be Careful With The Loading Process

Let’s face is – you cannot stack a TV and you cannot stack anything on it. So figure out a proper space for your device and put it there. Keep in mind that items tend to move around when in the back of a truck, so make sure you tighten them up using special ropes or something else. If they move around a lot, this can damage your electronics that are not that well protected.


Don’t underestimate how important it is to actually consider everything about moving your electronics. Since it isn’t an easy job, maybe you’d want to rethink the entire DIY move and go with professionals. If you are still convinced that you can tackle the challenge head on, by all means – do it!

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