Moving Tips

December 2017

How Hard Can It Be: Moving Certain Items

It often seems like that when it comes to moving, a lot of people have pretty strong opinions. Sure, it’s like that with everything, but such a division if very interesting in something as simple as moving. It basically goes like this – some people will never move by themselves and would always hire pros, while other will never hire pros and will just want to move by themselves.

Well, to each their own, but what is quite bothersome is the fact that there are simply some items that cannot be moved all that easily by an untrained person. In today’s installment of “How Hard Can It Be” we will introduce you to them. But don’t forget that if the DIY approach seems appealing to you, you can always use our plastic packing boxes to do the job.


Okay, okay, pets are not items, we get it. But they have to be mentioned. You know why? Because most people don’t realize that their pets have special needs when it comes to moving. A lot of different animals can be stressed out by a change in location and by the moving process itself. So if you do not have experience in moving pets, consider talking to your vet before you attempt something like that.


If you are a plant person, you probably know everything about how to repot and move plants. But if you are not (and most people aren’t) you likely still have a plant or two laying around the house. However, don’t consider just loading them on a truck and calling it a day. The fact is that plants can also suffer from moving. You can literally kill them if you don’t know what you are doing. So if you are preparing to move plants, make sure that you have done enough research on the subject!

Valuable Pieces of Art

We aren’t here to tell you which pieces of art we consider valuable, and which we don’t. That’s up to you to be honest. But if you have some in your home, you should not just try to wing their move. What will end up happening is you damaging the valuable artwork, and then you will be left with a valueLESS piece of art. Well, it can actually pass as modern art, but that’s not the point, right?

While not all of us have a million dollar painting at home, we may still fancy buying a nice painting when we see one on a street corner or on an art show. So don’t overestimate yourself, nor your skills. You are not a pro and again, if you are moving artwork, do research on how to actually carry that on.

Your best bet in most situations is to just call the pros. Make sure you check if the company of your choice actually has any experience in moving these kinds of stuff.

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