Moving Tips

December 2017

How Hard Can It Be: General Packing

Admit it – you have at least once wanted to do an entire move all by yourself. Researching moving companies, comparing prices, making a deal, working out a schedule with the company – these things can surely drain you. But what is the alternative? While DIY packing is indeed tempting, a lot of people simply aren’t considering why it isn’t such a good fit for everybody.

So all of this begs the question – how hard can general packing be if it is the major part of moving? Can someone really be a professional packer? Isn’t this something that moving companies use as a marketing trick? Let’s see!

Issue #1: Getting The Supplies

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Moving companies have been in the business for a while, so they know what packing supplies to buy, which are the high quality ones and which are not worth spending a dime on. When they come to your home they are fully prepared to pack everything and load it safely on a truck.

They will likely wrap and pad everything that needs it and they will also protect your floors. Have you considered this? Well, the good part is that we can also point you in the right direction when it comes to packing supplies. Our humble tip is to look for plastic packing boxes, but you should rent them rather than buy them. You can do this from us.

Issue #2: Not Wasting Time

Professionals are paid to do their job right and efficiently. If they can get something done quickly, they will, because for them time is money. That doesn’t mean they will be careless, but they just won’t sit around doing nothing.

When you think about, however, doing nothing is exactly how most DIY packing routines go. You pick an item to pack and you start thinking about how much it means to you. And bam! There go 15 minutes. Or you pick another item and you can’t figure where to put it yet, so you just go through your stuff figuring out what to pack first. You have no experience and thus you can’t make a good judgment of what should go where.

Issue #3: Failing To Protect Your Items

Professionals know how to keep your items safe. They know what needs to be wrapped more and what doesn’t need wrapping at all. They know how much padding is needed and they know which boxes are best suited for what items. Do you know all these things? In all likeliness – no.

And that is the problem in general. You may end up breaking your stuff or at least damaging them, because you don’t have the idea of how to pack them properly. Of course, you can do some research on that and it isn’t too hard to find, but it still takes time you might not have. And do you actually want to risk it? Most people are not comfortable with that idea once they understand how valuable professional movers are.

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