Moving Tips

July 2017

Go Small or Go Home!

You know what we should start drooling over? Big things. You know them – huge cars, huge phones, huge houses.

What’s this obsession with everything going enormous? It really is quite paradoxical with the other obsession of the modern life – minimalism.

Through grandeur and minimalism we now have huge phones with no buttons, huge cars with nothing in them, and huge homes with tons of empty space and nothing else.

You know what should really happen? People should go small. Especially in the house department (or apartment, am I right?). Why? Because it’s just better. You will feel much more at home with a place that doesn’t echo and doesn’t feel like a cold empty chamber of an abandoned medieval castle.

Sadly, almost every ad we see wants us to have a bigger car, bigger ego, bigger career, bigger house. Don’t fall for that. You should be happy where you are. Sure, strive for being better, but don’t strive for going bigger.

Why would you want a bigger car if you are perfectly well with a medium-sized sedan? An SUV is great if you want to go off-road, but do you? Will you?

That’s the thing and that’s how a lot of the businesses are run – they sell you something you don’t need, and you pay with money you don’t have. So basically, they are ripping you off.

Are you a better person when you have a bigger phone? Can you do better at work when you have a bigger car? Do you feel more satisfied when you live in a bigger house? Psychologically the answer is always “No”. That’s how our brains function. We are excited for a while, but we cannot live that way, that’s why our brains normalize our feelings.

The truth is that you should always seek to change stuff around, but not change them in size. Repaint the walls of your house, buy a new case for your phone, maybe consider getting your car wrapped in another color? Because why not?

So if you have lots of stuff and big house that just feels empty, you know what you should do? Move. Move to a place that will feel cozy with you there. Where you won’t feel empty both on the outside and the inside. That’s the thing. Really, that’s it.

Also don’t get a big car if you are only driving around the city. And don’t get a phone so big, you need 2 hands to operate it. You don’t need an expensive Macbook either, if the only thing you are doing is browsing the internet. Know your needs, and adjust your wants accordingly. That’s how you will feel better about yourself.

If you ever need to containers to declutter everything, we from H2H Box can always lend a hand. Whether you want to buy or to rent, we can take care of your needs.

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