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November 2017

Should You Go Full DIY When Moving

One of the recent trends people seem to be hopping onto is doing things yourself. While this certainly isn’t something new, with the explosion of DIY YouTube channels it is definitely picking up its pace. More and more people want to craft themselves new stuff, but others just like to have a go at professional services. That’s how we see people handling their own cabling and electricity, plumbing, wall painting, and many other things.

All these things have lead us to ask the questions “Is DIY moving even worth it?” Which may sound strange to you, given the fact how many DIY articles we have on our blog. But that’s the thing, we usually talk about how to do it, but never if it’s actually worth doing. Let’s take a deeper look at this.

Questions #1: Is It Cheaper?

This is perhaps the thing that has most people on edge, so let’s answer it right away. It depends! Now, don’t you love that answer? Well, the honest truth is that it really does. Will you buy expensive packing supplies, you may not need? Can you do it with your own truck or do you have to rent a bigger one? Is it a local move or a long-distance one?

These things matter. While you can cut some of the costs here and there, at the end of the day it is very likely that a professional move will cost just about the same. And when you factor in all the time you’ve spent in preparation and research, it may not be that much worth it.

Question #2: Do You Actually Know What You Are Doing?

If you have some experience (or you have a friend who has), you can probably approach moving with a DIY mindset and be very efficient at it as well. But chances are, if you are reading this, you don’t really have that much experience.

The good news is that learning how to do a move yourself is not super difficult. The bad? It just takes a good amount of time. If you are prepared to read through all the different guides, then by all means – go for it.

A good piece of general advice – get yourself some high quality packing supplies, including (but not limited to) high quality moving boxes. You can go with cardboard, but we suggest you look at some plastic box rental services in your area.

Question #3: Do You Have The Nerve?

Doing things yourself is great. After you’ve done something you get that sense of achievement that cannot be matched by many other things. But the truth is that not everything has to be done by you. Many people, for example, are extremely frustrated with cooking. That doesn’t mean they can’t cook themselves a nice meal, but they won’t take much pleasure in it. And that defeats the purpose of doing it.

The same applies to moving. If you cannot stand any part of the process (such as packing), don’t cause more trouble for yourself than it is necessary, and simply hire professionals.

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