Moving Tips

June 2016

Enough on packing – what about unpacking?

There are many articles out there that talk about packing. Even in this blog you can find a couple of articles that deal specifically with proper packing and even some that go into more specifics like labeling and so on. But the truth is that unpacking is just as important. To some it may sound easy, to others it may be too much of a bother, but in the end of the day you will still have to deal with it, and the longer you postpone it, the longer your house will look rather unwelcoming. So check out our guide on how to unpack and if you need moving boxes, because you are just about to move, don’t forget that we offer several options. Check out our plastic packing boxes.

First and foremost thing to remember is to not rush into unpacking. Ask yourself some questions first! Have you labeled your boxes? Have you color-coded them? Do you know which box goes where? Do you have an “open-first” box? Have you even sorted your boxes by room? If all your boxes look the same and you aren’t even sure that you have organized your stuff, then this will significantly slow the entire process of unpacking. But do not fret! There is something to do about it.

Here’s what to do. Open a box, look through it and if the things seem they have an obvious place, put them there. If you aren’t sure yet set them aside in the different corners of one of the empty rooms. Have a corner for kitchen items, another for bedroom items, yet another for bathroom items and so on. You can do that with as many boxes as you like, but in order to not cram everything in one place, you can open up 2-3 boxes in a room. Pick another empty room and do the same with another 2-3 boxes, and so on.

By doing this you are actually doing what you should have done in the first place – sorting things before you pack them. Now, it is way better to do this prior to the move as you can have a checklist of included items and just follow what should go where. Right now you have to deal with arranging all of your items and putting them in their dedicated places. Extra tip we can give you is to unpack everything before you start arranging it around the house – it will save you a bit of time and you won’t have to rearrange in the case you have forgotten about an item or two.

Having friends or professionals help you with unpacking is really beneficial – it can save you A LOT of time and hassle. And remember, if you don’t have enough time to unpack everything, at least take care of your bedroom – having a place to sleep comfortably will definitely motivate you to take care of the rest later.

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