Moving Tips

August 2018

Do You Need To Get In Shape For Your Move?

When you think about the fact that the average American moves about 12 times during their life, you may easily see that means quite a lot of money going for moving. So what is the next logical thought? Doing the move by yourself!

DIY moves are getting popular, but although they appear easy, they often aren’t. If you are just doing your research (or maybe you’ve already been through a disaster of a move and now you want to do things right), then you should know that DIY moves are not as simple as you think.

Today we are talking a bit about being in shape in order to do your move properly. Well, how much in shape do you need to be? If you look at most professional movers, you will see that they are not coach potatoes. Most of them workout and contrary to popular belief, they are not hitting the bar every night. That is because their job is dependent on their body being well. This is why you cannot just get your plastic moving boxes and hope for the best on your DIY move. You actually need a bit of preparation. Let’s see!

You Don’t Have To Be Jacked

Moving once every couple of years will not require you to be completely ripped, don’t worry about that. However, staying healthy overall is a safe bet. Plus, let’s be honest – hitting the gym is not the worse thing you could be doing, right?

Still, you should at least be somewhat physically prepared. Perhaps go to the gym for two weeks just to be able to handle the physical challenge. Who knows, maybe you’d like it enough to stick to it!

Prioritize Sleep… Seriously

Most Americans sleep way too little. We overwork ourselves and do not give our bodies enough rest. This is obviously a disaster, especially when you have to deal with a physically demanding task. Make sure that for at least a week prior to the move you are going to bed earlier and getting up at a strict schedule. That way your body will get accustomed and you won’t feel as tired.

Pick Your Food Carefully

You may not have a time to cook and that is fine. However, there are certain things you can avoid if you want to maximize your energy during the move and feel like a champ. First and foremost, ditch all foods with added sugar. That means anything sweet, except for fruit.

Additionally, I would avoid simple carbs as well. That means you should go easy on potatoes, white rice, pasta and bread. Focus on more nutritious meals that help stabilize your energy throughout the day.

Sadly, you cannot change your diet only for the day of the move. That is not how your body works. Here you will have to start at least a week prior to the relocation, but if you can do it even before that you will be better.

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