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January 2019

DIY Move With A Moving Truck

Even though most companies would advise you to go with professional movers, there is something inherently engaging about a DIY move. You know it will be a bigger hassle than paying professional, but you are still up for the challenge, right?

But DIY moving does not stop with simply filling up your plastic moving boxes. You have to move them somehow, right? And often your car will not be enough. So you do the next reasonable thing – rent a moving truck. This is nice and all, but do you know what to do with it? Surprisingly, a lot of people have trouble managing the move once they get a moving truck. To avoid that we will offer some handy pieces of advice right away!

Tip #1: Don’t Go Too Big

Moving trucks come in different sizes. To save yourself further trouble, you should not get too big of a moving truck if you do not need it. Figure out roughly how spacious it should be, and then get a truck that is slightly bigger. For a studio apartment you don’t need anything large (and your car may actually be enough). For a two- or three-room apartment you may need a small truck. Again – do not overdo it with the size. You will have trouble driving it and parking it if you do.

Tip #2: Plan Your Packing Properly

To further drive home our point about the size of the truck, you should also try to do your best when it comes to packing. Don’t fill up unnecessary boxes. Of course, you should not cram up your moving boxes, but by no means leave a lot of empty space either. Be as efficient as possible.

This will save you quite a lot of time and trouble, not to mention space on the truck itself. Plus you will learn some valuable skills for the next time you move.

Tip #3: Consider Your Furniture

Quite often aside from things that you have to pack, you also have other items that need moving. Take furniture for example – most people will just try to stick it into the moving truck and call it a day. This is the main reason people rent big trucks. But you shouldn’t!

Of course, you have to take the size of your furniture into account, but figure out of it can be disassembled first. If you can disassemble your pieces of furniture, it is much easier to transport them, they will take less space on the truck and you will save on money (and it will be more convenient overall).

Tip #4: Heavy On The Bottom

This rule is fairly simple, but everybody should abide by it – heavy boxes (and items) always go on below lighter stuff. You should pay attention to the laws of physics if you want your items to arrive safe and sound. This applies to pretty much everything you load on the truck.

With this advice you should be well off and packing up your moving truck should not be that difficult!

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