Moving Tips

November 2017

Dealing With A Messy Space

It isn’t a secret that we, Americans, are quite materialistic. Even in the digital age a lot of us still cling to physical copies of content, and also buy things we don’t need, and – which is worse – we don’t even want them!

While we can hoard stuff, it doesn’t really become that apparent of a problem, before we start realizing how big of a mess we’ve made. That usually happens right before a move, but that is not always the case. You may just find yourself looking for something in a sea of mess and realize that somewhere along the way you’ve made some terrible choices.

But you don’t have to worry! Today we will take a look at everything you can do to organize your space and be ready for a move, if that’s the case with you. Or if you just want everything sorted out, our tips will still help you! So let’s begin!

The First Step: Clean Up Some Space

If you have your whole place messy, you just have to start somewhere. The best approach is to take the biggest room in your home and clean it out entirely. Throw things away in the other rooms, if that’s what it takes, but make it as empty as possible. If you have a lot of stuff and you don’t just want to go throw it on a big pile in another room, you may want to consider plastic box rental services. These can provide you with plastic boxes for a time. What’s great about them is that you can return the boxes once you are done, so you are not even more cluttered.

The Second Step: Time For Sorting Stuff Out

Once you’ve gone through the process of emptying out an entire room, you’d want to use that space as a working ground for all your home’s items. Take a pile of things from the other room and start sorting through them. Identify what you want to keep and what you want to throw away (or maybe just give to a charity).

In our experience, people tend to cling to a lot of stuff, but realize that less is more. If you have a cleaner place you will have a much better experience with it! Less items means less dust, dirt, and overall mess. So if you are not going to wear the pants you bought 2 years ago, don’t just keep them around. And if you’ve read through all the magazines you have, why keep them? It’s not like you are going to go through them ever again.

The Third Step: Put Everything In Its Place

Once you’ve figured out what is to be kept and what isn’t, you should designed a place for all your kinds of items. Books should have their space, CDs too, your clothes should just lay around. Find a place for your bedsheets and all these kind of things. You will see it’s much easier once you’ve sorted through your items in the first two steps. It doesn’t seem that intimidating now, does it?

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