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March 2018

The City Life vs The Suburbs

Part of the American dream is to grow rich, buy a house and have a big family. It is a nice picture to strive for, but this is not how every life unfolds. Nevertheless, when you actually do settle down with a family, you may think that the hectic city life may no longer be for you. So you naturally start thinking about a transition to the suburbs.

However, little do you know that most people who jump from the life of the city to the calmness of the suburbs do not adjust that well to the lifestyle change. Especially, if they are not prepared. Are you ready to give up on the convenience of living close to your workplace? Or having restaurants in a 4 block radius? All these things are important and they affect your decision. But let’s see what the more major differences between the two lifestyles are.

Space Matters

Living in the city has some drawbacks, but space is among its major ones. You feel crammed here. Apartments above you, below you, next to you, across you. Aaah, so many apartments. But that’s the life in the city. You don’t have much space, but you have utility, right?

But then comes your personal space. Cities are crowded. They are full of people and you can never escape them. So if you are a bit on the introverted side, at least you know that suburban lifestyle may actually suit you well.

What About The Mess?

There is one simple truth – life in the city is hectic. And that may seem messy to a lot of people. Honestly, although we all try to keep the streets clean, that is hard with millions of people walking around. And the law cannot do much to stop dirt from piling up.

Plus things can be extremely disorderly. If you are not used to making your way through chaos and shady alleys, then life in the big city may not be a great option. So the suburban life can actually be good for you.

But All The Excitement

Honestly, with all the drawbacks of the city, one thing remains certain – it is a lot more fun if you are alone. But what does this mean for you? It means that you can go to your local pub, or hit the gym whenever you want, you can even dine – by yourself! And no one will care.

You can go to concerts and visit fun events, you can walk around and you can always discover something new. That is not the life of the suburbs. So if you cannot stand being a bit calm and bored, the city life is your choice!


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