Moving Tips

March 2016

Change the Look of Your New Home

Sure enough when you move to a new place you’ll most likely want to change things around. Well, we can give you some ideas about that, but before we delve into home improvement advice, we have a moving tip for you to offer. Consider renting plastic moving boxes, because to be honest most of us don’t have the place to store boxes anyway, and buying some just to throw them away later may seem to be a really unpleasant thing to do and actually – it is.

Now for your new place. What is the first thing you notice about a house? Well, it depends what you are doing in the house. If you are buying or renting, you probably want to look at the layout of the rooms, how big they are and so on. But a person, who will come visit you at a later time will most surely look at two main things – the color of the walls and the layout of the furniture. So this is probably one of the first things you do in a new home – you repaint it and refurnish it.

Let’s talk a bit about paint. What color should you opt for? Well, there are many “basic” colors, which people find appealing, and to be honest, this is the place where you don’t want to experiment that much. Go for proven colors and paints. Orange, for example, is quite the universal option. If you have wooden furniture it will work, but it will also go well together with glass, metal or nice upholstery (leather, fabric and so on). Another pretty good color is green and in particular – light green. It adds freshness, goes well together with many types of furniture and doesn’t put strain on the eyes.

Dark, maybe even brownish red is also a nice color to paint your living room in, but it isn’t as versatile. Wooden furniture go best with it, even better if the furniture has vintage look. This is because the red makes the whole room feel cozier and warmer. Some have experimented with glass and metal tables and chairs, but in my opinion it doesn’t work as well.

Throughout my experience in home improvement, I have found that the best color for metal and glass is plain white. Now, some may argue that other colors, such as grey, work better, but in all honesty what do we have with metal and glass furniture? We have transparency and we have grey hues. Now, grey room with grey furniture just doesn’t work. Clear glass works with everything, but in combination with metal, it is just screaming for more clarity and it doesn’t go much further than white. The only way other way for a different color to work is if all the glass on your furniture is tinted in the same color as the room. You can paint it orange and orange tinted glass plus metal will work perfectly.

Anyway, to be frank it is up to you. You may want to live in a very extravagant looking home and you don’t really care about what other people think are good aesthetics and that’s great, more power to you. But what I’ve mentioned is tried and true, so if you are looking for a decent way of figuring our furniture and paint, you can use my tips.

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