Moving Tips

March 2018

How Can Moving Be Cheaper?

During times where so many people feel like they need to save up more, it is only natural to not want to spend money on things you don’t want. That usually includes moving. It is true that moves can be quite expensive, especially if you have to move from one big place to another. But then again, if that is your case, you probably don’t look for a way to save.

Anyway, today we are going to introduce you to some basic things you can do that will make your move cost less. In the past we have focused strictly on the DIY approach, but we understand that not everyone can handle that. So today’s tips are more in line with traditional moving, but with a places where you can save up.

Tip #1: Partly DIY

As we have said, not everyone is capable of carrying out a full-blown DIY move. But you can still do some things yourself and not rely on movers to handle the entire job for you. For example, packing by yourself is a great way to save up quite a lot of money.

Yet, in order to do that properly, you will have to learn how to pack efficiently and safely. In fact, you may end up breaking expensive items or injuring yourself, if you have no idea how to pack. The best approach is to get high quality moving supplies and rent moving boxes, which comes off cheaper than getting movers to do the job for you.

Tip #2: Reduce The Clutter While You Are At It

Here is the thing – there are a lot of things around your home that have no place there. Not that they are inherently bad, or without a purpose, but you clearly don’t value them. This includes old clothes that you don’t wear any longer, books that you don’t even read, or want to read. Even magazines, accessories and home utility stuff.

In fact, if you do a complete inventory of your home, you will be able to identify exactly what these things are. And then? Donate them, sell them, gift them or throw them out. You will save money on your moving quote and you can even make some money on the side, if you decide to sell the things.

Tip #3: Ask Your Boss

If you are moving because of your job, it is likely that the company may be willing to pay for part of the expenses. They may even be willing to cover the complete ordeal, although you should not get your hopes up, because that is not a usual practice. But there is no hurt in asking if you are negotiating your job offer anyway.

This also applies to when companies switch offices. Often you may find yourself you need to move to be closer to your workplace. At that point you may also be able to negotiate for your boss to pay some of your expenses.

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