Moving Tips

March 2018

Can Long Distance Moving Be Cheaper?

Last week we answered the question of whether moving can be cheaper overall. But there is a general idea that however cheap your move may be, if it is long distance, it is bound to be expensive. But should that be the case and is there something else that you can do?

Apparently, there is! So hop on with us and check out what are the ways to save on long distance moves. That way you won’t have to break the bank if you have to move across the country for a new job.

Tip #1: Go Hands-on

While DIY is option for local moves, and you won’t end up saving all that much money if you go with it, it can save you a lot on long distance moves. That is because if you are moving long distance, you are paying more for every single thing you pack. So maybe you will have to downsize a little bit first.

Here is what you should do – handle every single detail that you can by yourself. Can you pack everything without the help of movers? Well, maybe you will need some plastic moving boxes, in order to make your items a bit more secure. But other than that you can absolutely handle packing on your own.

Now, you will have to do some research on proper packing techniques. Don’t think that just because it sounds easy it is easy. Because it isn’t. So go online and spend your time on learner how to pack like a pro. Then go and do that with your home.

The same applies to disassembling furniture. Movers can do it for you, sure, but you may save a few bucks by figure out how to do it yourself. Oftentimes it is not necessary to even call someone else to give you a hand. An important note though: Some pieces of furniture cannot be disassembled, so don’t push them too hard, lest you break them.

Tip #2: Planning, Planning, Planning

If the triple wording above wasn’t obvious, let me reiterate it – planning is important. Crucial, even. Do your best to have the move on a weekday. And luckily, in a slower season as well. That way you will save quite a lot of money on the entire deal.

You should also plan every single detail and take care of it in due time. That way you won’t resort to last minute measures, which usually cost more and may not be as reliable. What are we talking about? Well, document organization, purchasing supplies, having a garage sale for your unnecessary items and so on.

If you plan thoroughly, you end up saving money (and maybe even making some money, if you go the Craigslist route with the items you don’t need). So don’t hesitate and start planning right away.


We have only given you two tips, but they are extremely important. So pay attention to them and follow them for a successful cheap-ish move.

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