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November 2017

The Benefits of Small Apartments

Back in the day everyone was all about big stuff. Having a big car, living in a big house, having a huge… ego. All of that, however, is coming to an end right now. Sure, phones are back to getting bigger and bigger by the year, but they are also getting smaller in a sense. They are lighter, have smaller bezels and you can still grip them with one hand (most of them at least).

Well, the end of huge houses and roomie apartments may also be coming to an end, for better or worse. While some of you may not agree with the notion that smaller is better, the trend is there. So what are the actual benefits of living in a small space you may ask? Well, here there are.

Benefit #1: You Can Learn What’s Actually Valuable

For the most part Americans don’t really know what it means to not buy something. I mean, sure, there are things you can’t afford, but then again, most of the things we buy are kind of pointless. Just because something is on a deal, doesn’t mean we have to buy it, right? But we end up doing just that anyway.

The sad reality is that we are very consumeristic. And since we have huge places to fill up, it’s only natural to want to escape that empty feeling. Well, with smaller apartments that feeling is not going to be there for long. Once you move in and arrange all your furniture, you are pretty much set. You’d have a hard time figuring out where to put the pointless kitchen appliance you’ve bought yet again.

Benefit #2: No More Mess

While humans are definitely able to live in chaos and even thrive in it, there is something about order that just gets our brains ticking. And that’s not only OCD we are talking about here. We just like to see things in order. Even the most messy person around would appreciate having a clean room – if someone is up for the challenge to clean it, of course.

With having less space, and consequently – less stuff, you will be forced to keep it orderly, because the mess can get out of hand pretty quickly. But that’s a great motivator – you can start building the habits you’ve always wanted now!

Benefit #3: Less Is More

The truth of the matter is that you will have to be content with less. Your brain is pretty good at settling, so that wouldn’t be a problem. But the moment you actually start feeling good about having less stuff, you will realize how much pointless items you had in your life before.

Can you imagine every item in your home right now to actually have a true purpose? To be irreplaceable? That’s how you feel with a smaller space. That picture on the wall isn’t just another poster – no, it has won its place there over many other things!

So if you are ready to move to a smaller space now, keep in mind that you’d need sturdy plastic boxes for the move, so consider H2H Box for your moving needs!

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