Moving Tips

April 2017

The Benefits of Professional Movers

Moving is a tedious job. Whenever a move comes up you are probably thinking to yourself that you have a ton of things to consider, checklists to make, plans to arrange and so on. But I’d be surprised if you haven’t asked yourself: “Should I even hire movers? Can’t I do it on my own?”

Most people have. It’s completely normal, we want to save money, we want to be more flexible, we like to think that we can handle everything that comes our way. But is this the reality? I am willing to say it actually isn’t. In psychology there is a bias, which consists of overestimating your own capabilities. We believe we can finish a job faster than we actually can. Or we go further without the need to rest than we actually can. Or that we can do more as a whole than we actually can.

And a lot of times this bias has helped humanity push forward, beyond our limitations. However, when it comes to day-to-day tasks it just doesn’t work that way.

Truly, sometimes it’s hard to see why professional movers are necessary. But have you ever considered how much time, effort and potential losses they are saving you? Because that’s a lot. Then what about stress and possible injuries? Again – quite worth the money it seems.

See, the idea that we as humans can handle anything that comes our way doesn’t really help us with the small things. If everybody thought like this, you would be out of a job. Not everyone is proficient in everything and not everyone knows how to handle everything properly.

So there it is, the first major benefit – professional movers just know how to do their job. They have trained for that, even if you don’t think it requires training. Do you know how a piano is moved? Or do you know how to fit a large sofa through a door? What about properly packing a TV that is lacking its original box?

The second thing is that it is just going to be easier on you. You can literally sit back and relax and watch everything get handled for you. No pressure. No worries. No injuries. Nothing depends on you. You are completely stress-free.

Thirdly, it just saves you time. Perhaps you don’t want to sit back and relax. Perhaps you want to take care of a job, or answer e-mails, or watch a movie even. Well, you can do that when you hire movers. You can take your work with you. You can do a lot of thing, without even considering the possibility of taking on a task you are not equipped to take on.

So next time you greet a mover don’t think less of him. He has trained, he has experience, and he can do his job. It may look easier than it is, but oftentimes we just neglect the fact that even simple-looking jobs have a learning curve. Not everyone makes a good cashier, not everyone makes a good plumber and not everyone makes a good mover.

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