Moving Tips

December 2016

Are Your Electronics Safe?

No matter how much we hate it, moving is a part of life. We cannot escape it and it is even kind of a must of the American dream. Buying your own home one day will require you to move at least once in your life, but we know now that the average American moves about 12 times during the course of his life, with younger people projecting the trend to upwards of 20 times.

With all this moving around you can safely say that not everything will remain intact. A broken plate here or there, torn clothes, lost or forgotten items – these thing happen, particularly if you haven’t hired professionals to do your packing. But although most people can swallow such damages, we are gravely pained by seeing our electronics broken.

That brand new 65” TV of yours? Yes, it would be a shame if you get it broken in the process of moving. You can move it somewhat safely if you put it back in its original box, but who keeps such a big box around anyway? Most people don’t. However, you don’t have to worry much. Why? Because services like H2H Box exist for a reason.

There are many types of moving boxes on the market, but since we are in the moving business we are well aware of what works well and what doesn’t. People are heavily concerned about their flat screen TVs so we have provided a way for you to actually transport that kind of item pretty safely.

It is a special type of boxes that fits various sizes of flat screen TVs, you wouldn’t have to worry that any damage will occur. How come? The box is sturdy, well built, and isn’t prone to breaking. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So if you want to do all the packing by yourself you might as well buy such a box.

On the other hand there are some other electronics around the house that can too, be a bit of a concern. While the fridge and the washing machine may seem sturdy and not too prone to breaking, there are some risks with them as well. It is ill-advised to move them by yourself, especially the refrigerator. What you should rather do, is hire professionals, who can safely place it in the truck and lay everything around so it doesn’t tip and the coolant doesn’t spill.

As for your smaller appliances – most of them can fit in a box. If you have some padding and a bit of imagination you can do wonders and pack them pretty safely by yourself. This isn’t to say that professionals won’t still be better at it, just that you are probably going to do alright.

If you need some help in packing your want to rent moving boxes for your move, you can do so with H2H Box. We provide rental boxes on the cheap and one is great is that you won’t have empty moving boxes laying around your home after you’re done.

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