Moving Tips

November 2017

Moving Heavy Stuff? Not So Fast!

If you are going to move soon, it is highly likely you’ve thought to yourself about the possibility of handling the move yourself. You know, most people would not want to pay movers if they can avoid it. Not that moving companies are bad per se, but people just want to save money most of the time.

But when you are considering moving on your own, it is possible for you to miss something very important – heavy furniture. If you don’t plan your things right, you will end up having to move weighty stuff, without actually having any experience with it. And if you haven’t done your research, this may likely lead to injuries.

Here’s why today we are talking to you about what you can do when moving heavy stuff. Furniture, big boxes, heavy items as a whole – they all fall under that umbrella. So let’s get going!

Tip #1: Make It Lighter

This advice may sound a bit blunt, but it is very on point. If your furniture can be disassembled, go ahead and do it. If you have a heavy box full of books or similar items, just separate them into two or three boxes. Don’t go overboard when packing.

On a similar note – get yourself some sturdy boxes. Cheap cardboard is not going to cut it. The best course of action is to look for plastic box rental services, which can help you with your box needs, without the need to clutter your closet with boxes after the move.

Tip #2: Maybe Some Help Will Do It

While disassembling is great, some furniture is not so easily put to pieces (pun intended). Actually you may break it, if you try too hard to disassemble it. So instead, get some help. Family is great, but too often they are just not available. So what’s also great? Friends!

Ask your buddies to help you and get to work! They will definitely make the process a whole lot more fun. Plus you will actually be able to move stuff you otherwise wouldn’t.

Tip #3: Don’t Overexert Yourself

Or to put it in other words – know your limits. If you go at this thing with the idea that you are Superman (or Superwoman) you will fail, and badly at that. Not to mention that you will likely end up injuring yourself.

If you can’t lift heavy stuff, don’t pretend otherwise. If you don’t have proper posture and technique nailed down, don’t think you will be able to wing it.


Moving heavy items may not sound that difficult, but it isn’t easy either. So when you have to do it, approach it with a strategy. That’s the easiest way to get things done without the help of professionals. But sometimes the pros are just a necessity. Know your limits and know who to call when things go sideways (moving-wise). We wish a stress-free and safe move!

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