About us

H2H Box is a service recently developed by H2H Movers to ensure our customers have a safe and hassle-free move. Our mission is to provide our customers with the opportunity to rent plastic moving boxes and packing equipment to keep their belongings safe. This will simplify your move, lower the its cost, and significantly decrease environmental waste, too! Our crates and plastic boxes stack when full and nest when empty. They are the perfect alternative to the unreliable cardboard boxes.

Our boxes will be delivered to your door at a time convenient to you and picked up once you are done with your move! They require no assembly or breakdown!

Our H2H Boxes have numerous advantages to the cardboard moving boxes!

Heavy duty with large load capacity and reliable lids

Easy to lift and equipped with ergonomic handles

Lids are sturdy to ensure secure stacking

Boxes are reusable with long service life

Require no assembly or tape

Special lid ensure secure shut and protection of your valuables

Boxes nest so they save space once they are empty

Robust structure protects your belongings from outside elements

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