Moving Tips

October 2018

A Note On Office Moves

There is no doubt about it – moving is not the most pleasant experience ever. Sure, you may enjoy changing your environment from time to time, but the process itself – who loves that? Still, you can make it much better, if you execute it properly. Now when it comes to business moves though, there is no choice here – you HAVE to do it correctly.

The thing with office moves is that oftentimes people underestimate them. They approach them like they would any other moving endeavor. Sadly, that is the wrong way to go about it. You do not have much room for mistakes when it comes to moving an office space, because that would reflect adversely on the work of your employees, and yours as well.

This is why we thought it would be a good idea to give you some advice on how to handle a business move, and more precisely – an office move. Due to the vast difference in the various corporate moves out there (warehouse relocations, factory moves, etc.) we will only stick to the office move setting.

You Have To Start Planning… TODAY

We cannot emphasize this enough. There is no time to waste when it comes to planning your move. You cannot just expect to wing the entire thing, hoping for the best. You have to approach it like any other business decision – do what is best for the company, your employees and your clients.

In such a case, the best thing is to handle the move efficiently, in the shortest time possible, without causing any inconvenience firstly to your clients and then to the people working for you. Here is where planning will come in extremely handy.

Consider that you should also plan things that are not directly related to the moving process. You will likely need to take care of paperwork and additional documentation, so make sure that is handled properly ahead of time. Otherwise you can throw off your entire moving plan if something fails due to lack of documentation.

Your Employees Are Not Professionals

This is the second point that we want to emphasize today. Many companies think that it is wise to ask their workers to help in the moving effort. While such a request is not morally impermissible, it can still be unwise. Why? Because you cannot expect your employees to know what they are doing.

They have not practiced moving, they are not efficient at it, and they don’t know the best practices. So instead of ruining everyone’s time, you should just stick to professional movers, who know what to do.

There is still some place where your employees can help though. If you supply them with sturdy plastic moving boxes, you can ask them to pack up their desks. This will help them in their transition later on, as they will be able to rearrange their office space more easily once the moving part is done.

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