Moving Tips

August 2018

A Few Tips On Packing Your Clothes

For most of us moving is a rare event. So much so that it is not worth it to prepare much for it, or to practice skills that will make moves easier. After all, if you are only moving every five years or so, there is no need for such things, right?

However, more and more people prefer to save up money on services and that often includes moving. So when the time comes to change your place of living, you are hit by the thought of whether or not you should carry out the move by yourself (or maybe with a couple of friends). After all, how hard can a move be?

While it is easy to underestimate something like this, you shouldn’t. The truth is that moving takes more consideration than you think, and packing is actually a skill. Most of us think that it is nothing serious, but it actually is! Today we are going to give you some tips on how to pack your clothes so that your moving day does not turn into a disaster. Ready?

Tip #1: The Easy Route

If you want to have the absolutely easiest time packing your clothes, you can just get yourself a wardrobe box along with your box rental options. If you do not know what that is, it is basically a box that is designed to fit your clothes without necessarily folding them. It is perfect for your formal attire like suits, dresses, dress shirts, slacks or other pieces of formal clothing.

However, you can also use it for casual clothes as well. If you have many jumpers that you would not want to fold, or maybe you are just that fond of your pullovers, you can still use that box for them as well.

Tip #2: It Is All About The Fold

The truth is that folding is not really the best thing you can do for your clothes. No matter how you do it, there will always be folding marks, or wrinkles. However, if you utilize the best folding techniques for each piece of clothing, you can reduce these marks quite significantly.

The problem comes with actually learning how to fold. Most of us only know a couple of ways and really use just one. However, there are different techniques for folding dress shirts, trousers, suits and other pieces of clothing. Learn them for the best results!

Tip #3: Just Roll With It

You can quickly pack a lot of your casual clothes by using the simple roll fold. It is extremely efficient, easy to do and works with a lot of different types of clothing. Just google it and you will see many people offering their takes on the fold. With it you can pack the majority of your clothes in no time! The only problem is that it does not prevent wrinkles at all (don’t listen to people who tell you otherwise) and you may need to deal with that later.

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