Moving Tips

March 2017

5 Things To Never Pack!

Back at it again with the moving tips. But these are actually packing tips, or rather DON’T PACK tips. Let’s get it going, shall we?

#1 Don’t Pack… Everything

While some people actually enjoy packing quite a lot, there are others who just can’t stand it and it’s understandable. It’s not the best thing to occupy your day, for sure. But if you could pack less, wouldn’t you enjoy such great news? Of course, you would. Well, actually you can do just that – pack less.

What do we mean? Just don’t pack the things you know you will never use. Yes, this includes that weird looking shirt you never even worn, but can’t see yourself throwing out. Trust me, now is the time to go through your stuff and get rid of everything that doesn’t have immediate value for you.

What is immediate value you ask? If you haven’t used something in a year, then it doesn’t really have one for you. Exceptions are suits and dresses you keep for funerals and such.

#2 Don’t Pack… In Low Quality Boxes

Yes, we are going over this. Do you know what a low quality box is? Your regular thin cardboard that some people just seem to love. But it breaks, it tears and it doesn’t protect your items from bumps and such. Harder cardboard actually made for moving is much better, and the best thing you can get for your move is a plastic box. Consider the plastic box rental service we offer, as we believe it’s quite the great alternative to your regular old cardboard – our boxes are sturdy, light and will keep your items protected. You’ll move them without worries.

#3 Don’t Pack… Your Valuables

Just don’t. Get everything that has a significant value in your purse, overnight bag or where your documents are. This is the basic level of insurance you can have for yourself. Not only will you have peace of mind, but actually you ensure that you are keeping your eye on the valuable belongings of yours.

#4 Don’t Pack… A Set of Clothes You’d Need The Day After

We have talked a bit about the importance of the overnight bag, but even if you skip packing one, you should never EVER skip on keeping a change of clothes somewhere nearby. Firstly, do you really want to go through every single box so you can find all the clothing pieces for your presentation tomorrow? I didn’t think so.

#5 Don’t Pack… Your Documents and Papers

We’ve actually seen many people do just that – they stash away important documents, often related to the move, and later on they can’t find them on a short notice, because they don’t really know where they’ve put them. Don’t do this, if you value your time, your mind and your health. The headache caused by skimming through every single box is one heck of a thing to deal with on top of every other responsibility you will feel on your shoulders. Save yourself such trouble.

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