Moving Tips

February 2017

5 Common Reasons People Move

I don’t you can call yourself American if by 30 you haven’t moved a couple of times. I mean, you can, but you’re definitely not in the majority. Moving is quite the trend really, and statistics point out that this trend is dying – it’s rising. Contrary to popular belief, more people are choosing to go for renting, rather than buying a house. Why? Well, this isn’t our topic today. However, what we are going to look over is 5 common reasons people move. And if you are about to move, don’t forget to pack everything correctly. And in sturdy boxes. If you have trouble finding some, take a look at our rental moving box service. But let’s get on with the topic

  1. It’s all about that space, ‘bout that space, ‘bout that space

Ah, you are probably cringing at that heading. I know it’s 2017, don’t worry. Anyway, it is still one of the prevalent reasons to move. After all, if you have tons of new stuff than you had, say, 5 years ago, it’s definitely a thing to consider. But maybe you’ve found a girlfriend, or you may have even married. Now that small apartment ain’t going to suit you. So you go for a new one, right? I mean, it’s only logical.

  1. And that job

Of course this would be on the list. Who hasn’t had to move for a job? Most Americans I know would fly to the other end of the country if a better opportunity arises. Well, it would take some consideration but still, it is one of the reasons. I bet most people have moved just because their office relocated to another part of the city. It happens, we know it.

  1. We are talking BIG money

Many Americans settle for a small, decent apartment that can give them the shelter they need, and maybe a small home office to have a go at the freelancer stuff they’ve dreamed about. More often than not, however, when they start earning more money, they instantly think about moving. And with the trend of video influencers and successes in the virtual world, most people really want to expand their home office. It’s not surprising by any means.

  1. Your family matters

Many of us have families and when it comes to doing what’s best for them, sometimes moving is the only choice. No matter how much you love that cozy little apartment of yours, if you have kids, chances are you are shooting at the suburbs. It’s just how life goes.

  1. You!

Ah, our cop-out point. Actually, it isn’t really a cop-out. It’s just that people have so many reasons to move, that if you are reading this article, chances are you have your own. No, no, don’t try to deny it. I mean, you could fit in some of the previous points, but heck, most people have very specific reasons and we can’t cover them all.


Moving or not, you will still have to think about it at some point. But at least you know why others are moving now.

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