Moving Tips

April 2017

4 Stressful Moving Situations

Everyone who loves moving, raise your hand! Come on, let me see a forest of hands! Maybe just some trees? None? Yeah, I figured as much. Most people don’t like moving, because it’s tedious, it takes way too much time and is just SO. MUCH. WORK. We know!

But most of the times other than being plainly boring, moving isn’t that bad. Yes, you may take a few days off to sort things out, but when you are done – you’re done. However, there are some situations that can be super stressful and you should learn to avoid them! Here there are!

#1 Moving on Short Notice

This is the number one NO-NO on our list. Literally, no… just no. If you can avoid it, do it. Start planning everything ahead of time. Figure everything out. Don’t leave anything for the last minute.

But even the most prepared and planning of people can get hit in the face by the thing we call life. And it sucks. But when that happens know this – call your friends, ring up the phones of your go-to moving companies and figure that stuff out. We won’t be surprised if you can’t book a date on short notice, but at least you can give it a go.

#2 Not Enough Boxes

So you’ve taken care of everything. You have enough packing supplies, plenty of time to do everything, and tons of boxes. Buuuut, probably not. Most people tend to underestimate the amount of stuff they have to move and the number of boxes they need.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to find plastic boxes rental and get a good set of sturdy boxes for your move. Even if you go a bit overboard, it’s better to be on the safe size (pun intended).

#3 Forgetting Things

Who doesn’t hate the feeling that you’ve left something behind? Well, things are even worse when you have ACTUALLY done it. And it sucks, truly. But there are ways to avoid that.

Firstly, just create a checklist. Seriously, it’s that easy. There are two ways to approaching it – one of them is to write everything down as you pack it, so you can check it out when you unpack it. Or write your most important things down and check them out the moment you pack them and the moment you unpack them. Whatever works for you.

#4 Underestimating the Time You Need

Most people make the mental mistake of thinking they can handle everything much more quickly than what it usually takes other people. You are probably making that mistake as well. Do you think it will take you 12 hours to do everything about your move? Double that time. You can triple it to be safe.

Because there is nothing more stressful than not having enough time. It will require you to rush everything and it’s all a downwards spiral from then on.


Moving takes time, effort and consideration. Give yourself the time and supplies you need so everything can go smoothly.

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