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July 2018

3 Ways To Decorate Your Home In 2018

Our homes are special. They are one of the few things that can change the way we live entirely. And they affect us in some subtle ways, which we may not even realize. Take the decoration for example – if you are not absolutely pleased with it, it can bug you each time you walk in from your front door. These minor bad emotions can stack up and make you resent the place you live in.

Alternatively, you may have a few decorative details here and there, which just make you smile every time you look at them. You will subconsciously know that every time you go back to your home, you will just feel better. Shouldn’t this be a goal for all of us? That is why when you go ahead and rent moving boxes for your next move, you should make sure to make the place as awesome as possible. You can do that with the 4 trends we have seen in 2018. Let’s start!

Coziness Matters – So Do Carpets!

Who doesn’t want their place to feel welcoming? Sadly, a lot of minimalistic homes may look awesome, but they are also a bit sterile. And while we are all for embracing minimalism, you should also try to balance the other end as well – you don’t want to feel cold inside when you are home. No, you want a warmer place.

One of the best ways to achieve that is by getting yourself a nice carpet. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it is a nice way to contrast the cold of the walls and metallic details at home. It feels good on the feet and is just something that we associate with warmth.

White Is Cool, But Color Is Cooler!

When people embrace minimalistic design they often pick the white nuance for their walls. This is fine, but as we said above – it can be a bit sterile. Instead you can go for something that is still on the lighter side, but is also warmer. Think about red or yellow nuances. Even eggshell white can be a bit warmer. It will do you well to research color theory a bit and learn about color temperature to pick the exact warmth of the color that you want!

Embrace Nature… At Home!

Yes, our homes are essentially fortresses that keep nature out. But maybe it is time to invite it in! Go and buy yourself some plants. Decorate your walls with stone tiling. Maybe even think about having a small tree at home.

You don’t have to go out of your way to make your home a bit greener. There are a lot of creative ways to do it. For example, there are plenty of succulents that do not need a lot of care at all, and yet make your home more appealing. Go and find whatever works for you!

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